Installing KEVM

We currently provide these ways to install KEVM:

  • Ubuntu packages,
  • Docker images, and
  • Building from source.

The provided packages ship with their own version of K, to ensure that you get exactly the correct version to use.

Downloading Packages

Download the appropriate packages from the GitHub Releases Page. Releases are generated as often as possible from the master branch, and are tagged with their version and git commit.

Installing Packages


Download the kevm_X.Y.Z_amd64_focal.deb package from GitHub releases. Install it with the following command:

sudo apt-get install ./kevm_X.Y.Z_amd64_focal.deb

Docker Images

Docker images with KEVM pre-installed are available at the runtimeverification/runtimeverification-evm-semantics Docker Hub repository.

Each release at COMMIT_ID has an image associated with it at runtimeverificationinc/runtimeverification-k:ubuntu-focal-COMMIT_ID. The latest master build Docker image can be accessed with COMMIT_ID set to master.

To run the image directly:

docker run -it runtimeverificationinc/runtimeverification-evm-semantics:ubuntu-focal-COMMIT_ID

and to make a Docker Image based on it, use the following line in your Dockerfile:

FROM runtimeverificationinc/runtimeverification-evm-semantics:ubuntu-focal-COMMIT_ID

From Source Build

Follow the instructions in the README file for building KEVM from source.


Note that KEVM requires version 4.8.15 of the Z3 solver to be installed; follow the instructions in the README file to do so.