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K Semantics of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

Cryptographic Primitives

Here we implement the various cryptographic primitives needed for KEVM.

module KRYPTO
    imports STRING-SYNTAX
    imports INT-SYNTAX
    imports LIST

In all functions above, input String is interpreted as byte array, e.g. it is NOT hex-encoded.

    syntax String ::= Keccak256 ( String )                            [function, hook(KRYPTO.keccak256)]
                    | ECDSARecover ( String , Int , String , String ) [function, hook(KRYPTO.ecdsaRecover)]
                    | Sha256 ( String )                               [function, hook(KRYPTO.sha256)]
                    | RipEmd160 ( String )                            [function, hook(KRYPTO.ripemd160)]
                    | ECDSASign ( String, String )                    [function, hook(KRYPTO.ecdsaSign)]
                    | ECDSAPubKey ( String )                          [function, hook(KRYPTO.ecdsaPubKey)]
 // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The BN128 elliptic curve is defined over 2-dimensional points over the fields of zero- and first-degree polynomials modulo a large prime. (x, y) is a point on G1, whereas (x1 x x2, y1 x y2) is a point on G2, in which x1 and y1 are zero-degree coefficients and x2 and y2 are first-degree coefficients. In each case, (0, 0) is used to represent the point at infinity.

    syntax G1Point ::= "(" Int "," Int ")" [prefer]
    syntax G2Point ::= "(" Int "x" Int "," Int "x" Int ")"
    syntax G1Point ::= BN128Add(G1Point, G1Point) [function, hook(KRYPTO.bn128add)]
                     | BN128Mul(G1Point, Int)     [function, hook(KRYPTO.bn128mul)]
 // -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    syntax Bool ::= BN128AtePairing(List, List) [function, hook(KRYPTO.bn128ate)]
 // -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    syntax Bool ::= isValidPoint(G1Point) [function, hook(KRYPTO.bn128valid)]
                  | isValidPoint(G2Point) [function, klabel(isValidG2Point), hook(KRYPTO.bn128g2valid)]
 // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------